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TikTok Myths Debunked

Since its launch in 2016, TikTok has become the most downloaded app and amassed an audience of over 800 million users to date. So, it’s no surprise that maybe creators and businesses big and small are looking to connect with their target audience and build a following on the platform. But, like anything culturally popular, there are rumours swirling about what works and doesn’t. We have collected three popular myths dive in to dispel the rumours for you.

The audience is too young

A common misconception is that TikTok is exclusively for young Gen Z crowd. While 41% of TikTok’s audience is between the ages of 16 and 24, the number of older users is growing exponentially. The reality is that 67% of TikTok users are actually over 25.

Whether you are targeting kids, teens, or adults – it is fair to say that your audience is already on TikTok and many more will follow.

Remember that on TikTok, mindset trumps generations, so when targeting audiences don’t focus on the age but rather mindset and interests versus generations.

TikTok is just for fun dancing videos

While TikTok did evolve from the short dance and lip sync video platform,, TikTok has rapidly grown to include a breadth of content from education to entertainment, sports to DIY and promotional videos as well.

In response to TikTok audience’s appetite for a growing variety of content, TikTok has expanded its partnerships with educational organizations, e-commerce platforms and others. More importantly, TikTok does not just host a variety of content, but a diverse audience with extensive and broad interests. This means that there is a niche for just about anything, and since the TikTok algorithm works its magic to deliver content based on user interest, you can rest assured that your video content, whether its a dancing video or not, will find your ideal audience.

Can you dance and lip-sync too? Of course, but don’t feel limited, there is soccer mom, fitness, news, pet and food videos, to name a few, that are gaining tremendous traction on TikTok.

If you are new to TikTok and deciding on your first video, don’t fret, your first video doesn’t determine your success. While there may be some truth that TikTok algorithm favors new accounts, it also does not consider past performance.

Hashtags don’t work on TikTok

Of course they work and they work well The whole point of hashtags is to make your content more discoverable, they inform the algorithm and connect you to audiences searching for your type of content. Use a balance of trending and specific hashtags related to your niche to have your content served to your ideal viewer. Hashtags, along with claiming your TikTok handle and creating regular and engaging content put you on your way to being discovered by new audiences and building loyalty with your existing fans

Do you have more questions or have you heard other myths and rumours we have not covered?

Drop us a line and we will look to include it in one of our other posts.

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