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Finding a brand to partner with and start making money on your social channels

More Gen Z and millennial shoppers than ever are turning to TikTok, Instagram and other sites to find and buy gifts this season. You may even be one of them.

If you’re on your way to becoming an influencer and you’re not familiar with the world of brand collaborations, but you want to explore making the most on the social commerce trend and add some dollars to your pocket … we’ve got some guidance on finding the right brands for your next collaboration.

For starters, A brand collaboration is when a brand pays a content creator, like you, to create content using their product. It could be a product review or a simple video or image of an influencer using their product, or commission on product sales.

Here are a few ways to find brand collabs if you’re a content creator…

1. Find Relevant Platforms

First of all, the great news is that there are platforms designed specifically for helping content creators and brands partner up!

We’re one of those platforms. Here at BILI, we help content creators find, manage and reap the rewards (including getting paid) from brand products they promote. All from within our site platform.

There are plenty of other platforms for finding brand collaborations too. A quick Google search will help you find some.

Do your research and decide which one seems best for your needs, and keep our platform in mind! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about our platform or about brand collabs in general.

2. Take a Look at Other Content Creator’s Feeds

Another great way to find brands that are open to working and partnering with content creators is to see which brands other creators are working with.

One of the best ways to do that is to take a look at their social media feeds. Instagram, TikTok and YouTube are particularly ripe with brand collaborations.

Whether your content is focused on pets, travel, cooking or sports, to name a few, you’ll probably be able to find similar profiles that have gotten brand collaborations.

3. Think of Brands You Already Like

While using a platform like BILI will open up a world of brands to collaborate with, you should also consider which brands you really like.

If there’s a specific brand you want to work with, see which influencers are already working with them. Hopefully, you will see influencers similar to you, but even if they aren’t, you can reach out to the brand to show them your existing content and see if they’re interested in working together. It’s always worth a try.

4. There May be Brands That Already Engaged With You

Even if you’re a content creator with a small following, there may be brands that are already seeing and engaging with your content. Don’t forget to check your list of followers, scan your likes, the comments on your posts and your DM’s. You may be surprised to see there may be brands that have already engaged with your content and tried to contact you.

5**. Don’t Forget To Disclose Your Partnerships**

Once you’ve landed a brand partnership, you should always clearly disclose your collaboration.

This can include everything from being paid and receiving a gift, even if you think your evaluations are unbiased or you weren’t specifically asked to review a product. Basically, it all comes down to transparency.

It’s about letting your followers are aware when you’ve been paid or given something of value to promote a product — as opposed to recommending a product because you simply like it.

Here are a few takeaways to keep in mind:

  • Place your disclosure so it’s easy to see, eg. at the beginning of your caption, or as a clearly visible text overlay on Instagram Stories.

  • Use simple and clear language, such as “ad” or “sponsored.”

  • Only share honest, genuine endorsements.

Openly disclosing your partnerships is key for maintaining a sense of trust and transparency with your audience.

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