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What is BILI? We’re a platform designed to help influencers
and creators share and sell products they love.


Welcome to Because I Love It.
Or as we like to call it - BILI.

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A world where every influencer
and creator is a retailer.

In 2023, $1.25 Trillion will exchange hands in Social Commerce and social media influencers will help sell Billions of dollars in products online. BILI is a social commerce platform designed to simplify this process.  We’re designed to help social media influencers and creators share and sell products they love. We provide brands access to our database of 10,000 social media influencers in North America that reach over 230 Million followers. We are a performance based model, platform agnostic and designed with unique features like the  that encourage sharing and mutual success for brands, influencers and BILI.


Everyday millions of influencers share valuable information on stuff they care about.

They curate, inspire, educate, entertain, and share. Often, they find amazing products, services and deals and want to share this with their hundreds of millions of fans.

BILI helps these influencers find great products, share them and in return earn a fair share of the sale.

Does this mean that the cost of products is more expensive?

No, just the opposite.

Did you know that most retailers take up to 40-60% of the sale price?

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With BILI there are no retailers.

Well, with BILI we access the millions of influencers who interact with 100’s of millions of shoppers directly. We connect influencers directly with brand manufacturers and share that money with everyone involved! Lower costs for shoppers and a fair share with influencers and manufacturers. Everyone wins!


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