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Big Reach.
Big Influence.
Big Sales.

4 in 10 brands use Influencer marketing often. Do You?


Influencers spend years cultivating and nurturing audiences and they have built large followings. A lot of attention is focused on the Mega influencers with 1M+ followers but these are only 1% of the total influencer market.

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Big Engagement

Micro and Macro influencers (50,000-500,000 fans) allow brands to scale efficiently and enjoy the impact of higher engagement rates. Posts are focused on content that resonates strongly with their followers.

Influencers create an environment of like-mindedness where followers trust their product recommendations, ultimately leading to sales. For example, micro influencers on Tik Tok see engagements of 18% on average compared to macro influencers at 5%.


Effective ROI

Influencer Marketing is expected to be worth $14B USD shortly. Brands are seeing on average of 6:1 ROI with Influencer Marketing.Influencers are the modern day 'celebrities' giving brands the ability to scale efficiently.


How do you make more money with BILI?

Influencers have NO fixed costs. But they still have access to audiences who LOVE them. That means you can share part of every sale with them and still make more than you would selling through traditional means.

What does it cost?

Most influencers earn 5-20% of sales and BILI charges 9.9% as a fee. The rest is all yours.

Here are the top reasons brands love BILI:

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No risk

You pay when your products sell. Period.



You set the fee you want to pay influencers. The more you offer, the more they’ll sell! You can also choose which influencers you want to feature your products.

Icon_Free Marketing.png

Free marketing

Provide, images, content, video, social posts etc., and make it easy for influencers to market your products and services.



Full access to how many influencers are featuring your products and how popular they are with consumers.



Access our group of OVER 20,000 influencers already part of BILI community.



Offer the “BILI BOUNCE” – consumers discounts and Influencer bonuses when you sell larger quantities.



We will feature your products on our site, and social platforms for free. The better you do - the better we do.

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BILI integrates Generative AI for the development of creator posts which has shown a 30%+ increase in audience engagement making posts more valuable to brands.

Get Started With BILI Base Today

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Free listing of your products

Control your commission

Optional custom discount code

List your products and services to be featured to our community of 20,000+ creators. (Approx 5 mins)

BILI Boost


Boost Organic

Boost Ads

Boost Custom Campaings

We proactively search for creators who match a specific profile and ask if they would like to receive your products in exchange for creating content. We will validate any interested creators with our proprietary 7-step screening to ensure they meet the parameters of your brand. In this case, brands offer creators products to try out and/or offer to pay them to do so. 

Receive a personalized list of creators who align with your brand and have an ideal following audience. (Approx. 2 mins)

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