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With Gifted Collabs, you can effortlessly connect with influencers who resonate with your brand. By seeding products to influencers in exchange for content and a post on their social feed, you can tap into their engaged audience and authentically showcase your brand.


Join Gifted Collabs and start maximizing your brand's visibility through influencer partnerships. 

Unlock the Power of Influencer Marketing with Gifted Collabs by BILI.

Boost visibility through influencer collaboration! Gifted Collabs by BILI is here to elevate your brand presence.

Example of our work:
Screen Shot 2024-05-23 at 10.46.03 AM.png

Brand: Ellison + Young

Creator: @sruzeal

Content Created:
Our talented creator designed a stunning piece featuring a necklace from Ellison + Young's collection. The content not only highlighted the beauty and elegance of the necklace but also told a compelling story that resonated with the brand’s audience.

How it Works:


  • Influencer Requests: Influencers express interest in collaborating with your brand by requesting your products on the BILI Platform.

  • Brand Sends Products: Once approved, you send your products directly to the influencers.

  • Content Creation: Influencers create engaging content featuring your products and share it with their followers on social media.

  • Visibility and Exposure: The influencers share their content across their social media platforms, giving your brand valuable exposure to their dedicated followers.


Why Choose Gifted Collabs:


  • Effortless Collaboration: Streamlined process for connecting with influencers and sharing your products.

  • Increased Visibility: Benefit from genuine endorsements and authentic content creation by trusted influencers.

  • Engagement Boost: Drive engagement and generate buzz around your products with compelling influencer-created content.

  • Cost-Effective: Brands usually get exposure for only the cost of your products, versus having to pay creators extra.

Join Gifted Collabs today and take your brand to new heights with the power of influencer marketing!

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