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Weekly chance to win $200

The more people that know about BILI, the better it gets for everyone. More influencers bring more shoppers, and they earn lower prices and tell their friends bringing more sales and deals. So go ahead and tell all your friends and any influencers that may be interested.

In fact, each week we will make a draw for a $200 prize. You get an automatic entry into the contest for each friend that joins our mailing list – so go ahead and share! And don’t worry, we won’t spam your friends. We’ll ONLY message them if they sign up for our emails. Tell as many as you want, and we’ll enter you for a chance to win for EACH one.

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Social Share Contest.

We want to share the BILI love with as many people as possible, so we’ve come up with a little contest to encourage you to share. Check back for details coming soon.

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