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Our Favorite 5 apps for Instagram

We want to help you to take your Instagram posts to the next level and to do that we listed some of our favorite apps to help you monitor your account, track user engagement, design and edit images or videos. Do you have a favorite app we should have listed? Share it with us!

Snapseed - Developed by Google, Snapseed is a popular photo app with creative editing tools, a ton of plug-ins, one-tap presents and tools for portrait face photos. This free app is especially good for keeping the resolution of the photos the same after you edit your pic. Not everything is perfect, and this one does not have social media integration, so expect a couple of extra steps.

VSCO - An Instagram photo editing app is a must and we like VSCO, as do many other influencers. it is simple to use and offers many filters, editing tools, and our favorite feature, preset effects. VSCO also has Feed preview that allows you to see how your feed with look before posting. Worth noting, VSCO does not work on pc.

Unfold - This app helps you stylize your Instagram feed to look like they were professionally designed. There are over 400 custom templates to choose from, stickers, unique fonts, fun filters and effects. Best part, Unfold also has post and Instagram Story editing within the app, and it’s available for both Android and iOS.

Followers for Instagram - Understanding who disengages with your content can be just as important to knowing what works to gain followers, that’s why we like this app. Followers for Instagram gives you insight into accounts that unfollow you, accounts that haven’t followed you back and even accounts that you should be following based on similar accounts you already follow. This insight can be used to strengthen relationship with Instagram audience long-term. Followers for Instagram is available for Android and iOS.

Squarelovin - Knowledge is power, and Squarelovin provides analytics daily, weekly or monthly on growth, engagement, total followers, event best/worst times to post and hashtags. This app is great if you want to run A/B test against different strategies or want to compare your posts from different days or months. The app is available on Android and iOS.

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