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Kyper & Co: A Tale of Love, Innovation, and Custom Jewelry

Updated: Jan 12

Welcome to this edition of Behind the Brand, where we delve into the unique stories of our brand partners.

Today, we're featuring the inspiring journey of Kyper & Co, a brand that's transforming the world of custom jewelry with its heartfelt origins and innovative approach. This journey, rooted in a simple act of kindness, has evolved into a beacon of innovation in the jewelry world.

The Beginning: A Spark of Compassion

Kyper & Co's journey began with Sapphire, its founder, who was initially on a path to becoming a nurse. Her trajectory changed when she crafted a bracelet for a family member with arthritis, replacing a small clasp with a larger, more accessible one. This thoughtful gesture marked the birth of a new idea – jewelry that was not only beautiful but also considerate and accessible.

The Growth of a Vision

Sapphire's solution quickly gained popularity among her circle, leading to the establishment of an Etsy shop in 2018. She began sourcing unfinished gold and silver products, catering to a growing demand for custom jewelry. This marked the transition from a small act of love to a burgeoning business.

Embracing Challenges with Technology

As Kyper & Co. grew, so did its challenges. The task of scaling custom requests loomed large, but Sapphire, driven by her commitment to her craft and customers, turned to technology for a solution.

A Family Endeavor and Global Sourcing

Today, Sapphire's husband, Andrew, has joined her in this journey, focusing on the company's growth. Together, they source materials globally, from Italy to Indonesia and the USA, ensuring each piece of jewelry is as unique as its wearer.

Innovation at Its Finest: The Kyper & Co. Customizer

After two years of development and a strategic rebranding, Kyper & Co. introduced the customizer – a tool that empowers customers to design their own unique jewelry. This feature exemplifies the company's commitment to innovation, allowing customers to express their individuality and style.

An Invitation to Join the Kyper & Co. Family

Kyper & Co. extends a warm invitation to join their family. Whether customers are seeking the perfect piece or are eager to design their own, Kyper & Co. is dedicated to making their jewelry aspirations a reality. Welcome to a world where each piece tells a story, and every customer is part of the family.

Kyper & Co. stands as a testament to the power of love, creativity, and innovation in the world of jewelry.

BILI is proud to share their story and invites you to add Kyper & Co. to your BILI store.

Embrace the opportunity to offer your customers unique, personalized jewelry that tells their story.

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