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BILI Boost: Where Brands and Creators Unite!

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Start Simple with BILI Base

List your products for free, control your commission, and offer custom discount codes. It's influencer marketing made easy.

Level Up with BILI Boost

Go beyond with Boost Ads and Custom Campaigns. We find and vet creators who perfectly match your brand's profile.

Game-Changing Partnership: The Pro football stars & global sports steaming service DAZN

Maybe sport isn’t your thing, but you have an audience and that audience is unique. BILI Helps connect your brand with that audience. Here’s a great example.

DAZN wanted to promote the unrivaled access to NFL content to a very specific audience - guys who LOVE football. So we needed to find creators who could speak in a credible way and raise awareness of the DAZN brand and offer.

Meet the pro football players who are also influential creators: @he_whoknocks (Henoc Muamba), @AndrewHarris33 (Andrew Harris), @kill_will1517 (Willie Jefferson) and @shaiross83 (Shai Ross)

DAZN Campaign Highlights

See these creators in action in our first 2 posts with DAZN:

Why BILI Boost?

You don't need deep pockets to succeed. With BILI Boost, you can begin your journey with a budget as modest as a few thousand dollars and watch your brand ascend to new heights!

BILI Boost is your gateway to a world where brands and creators come together for marketing magic. We're excited to share the power of BILI Boost and how it is designed to simplify and supercharge your influencer marketing journey.

We're not just connecting you with creators; we're finding and vetting the creators who align perfectly with your brand's profile. Whether it's Boost Ads or Custom Campaigns, we've got your brand's back.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and success stories in the world of influencer marketing with BILI.

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