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Angela Coon
Hi. I'm Angela and I'm always looking for the next big thing to share with everyone. I'm an older content creator, but instead of just focusing on my own age group I feel the need to build bridges between the various generations via things, such as beauty and music, that we can all relate to.
Kayla Acevedo
Welcome to my BILI!
Paula Llanes
A Lifestyle and UGC Creator in Ontario Canada.
Tiffany Brucculeri
Sarah Hartness
Hi! I'm Sarah, a Chicago-based solo traveler
Charlaine Reid
Emily ma
Fashion beauty life style content creator
Yen C.
Beauty content creator in Vancouver BC
Chelsea mackenzie
Im a beauty, wellness and mom content creator from Canada. I strive to help woman find amazing products to not only feel beautiful on the outside but also the inside.
Madison Viddy
Fashion Blogger, Podcast Host, Fashion Addict and Professional Shopper!
Allison Roache
Hi my name is Allison a content creator who shares my love for all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle coming from the perspective of a single mother of three. My goal is to inspire women who may have lost themselves in their roles, mother, wife, employee, to pour into themselves and put themself first.
Jennifer Sado
Sharing all about our Family of 6 Mom of 4under5 FAMILY | FAITH | FASHION | LIFESTYLE 𝐃𝐌/𝐄𝐦𝐚𝐢𝐥 𝟒 𝐂𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐚𝐛𝐬: #brandinfluencer🇨🇦
Ruchi Mahajan
Beauty and fashion influEncer
Vivian Bergamo
Ann Silagadze
Fashion and Beauty Content creator
I am a UGC and content creator based out of Toronto. I absolutely love my online community and Struve to share with them authentic reviews of products and services that align with my values. I'd love to connect with brands and create high quality content that shows authenticity as well as an amazing ROI. Let's connect and make magic 🤝
Elijah Camille
Hello, I am Elijah Camille and I am a beauty and lifestyle content creator from Chicago!
Paola Valentina
Teodora Peic
Nicole Follins
Tiffany McNeil
Alexandrea Gomez
travel & beauty hacks 🚌 married 💍
Mary Thieffry
26 year old in montreal
Roseanna Mccoy Futch
Mccoyfutchjourney focus on all things home, health and travel
Every Jay Living
Jessica Lynn
Rising music star Jessica Lynn is being hailed by press around the world as a “rocket force.” With a relentless international touring schedule of 14+ countries, a pair of Top 40/Top 50 singles on country radio, and three full length concert television specials airing nationwide, the New York singer songwriter is quickly becoming a household name.
Desiree Sheree
Sharing my favorite things
Savannah Scott
I’m Savannah, a 25 year old graphic designer with an adorably dramatic Siberian Husky named Bella. We create fun everyday/lifestyle content centered around Bella and love having fun with it!
Erik McManus
Just a book blogger giving honest book reviews and reading his way to purchasing another bookshelf...for all the books that he keeps buying....because he has a problem (problem?) and he just can't stop. #wontstop
Krystal Prout
Amanda Berrie
I’m GTA based and love anything related to beauty, fashion or lifestyle.
Cecile Leger
We are a blended family of 6, sharing our activities, travel adventures and ways to simplify our busy life. Ella is our beautiful family dog and the last one to complete our family. Check us out!
Tracey Engel
Dog momma of Bowie a tiny Sheepadoodle puppy! \nForever dog mamma of Buddy ?
Tho Nguyen
just a 28 yr old gal living in LA with her cat
UGC Content Creator - Fur Mom - Wifey
Renee Renovates
Hi, I'm Renee! I'm a single gal from TX who've DIY renovating my first home solo. With a little help from my supurrvisors Beef and Salem.
Hamza Mikou
A blog for pet parents
Calihan Summerfield
+ scandinavian aesthetic \n+ neutral home and lifestyle inspiration\n+ comfortable, chic style + a cute dog
Whitney Schulten
My name is Whitney, I am a born & raised Louisville, KY girl. I am married with a toddler, a bonus son in his early twenties, and six rescue dogs. Until about a month ago, it was seven, but sadly I lost my OG girl to kidney failure. She had been with me for 18.5 years and was my heart dog. I have worked with multiple dog trainers and rescue's, so I have some secondhand knowledge on canine behaviors, breeds, health, etc.
Jilly Carver
I’m your migraine warrior bestie and dog mom of two!
Canadian Dog Mama
Melanie Ginzburg
My name is Melanie, and I’m a content/UGC creator living in Charlotte, NC! I have a 2 year old Corgi who runs the household, and I love to showcase products we use for him as much as possible! I also work from home as a pharmacist, so love to showcase anything that makes my WFH life easier!
Leeta Arrington

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