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TikTok Banned! … What if?

The recent threats of a TikTok ban is just another example that should make creators aware that they should be careful about putting “all their eggs in one basket”.

Influencers have undoubtedly seen the potential TikTok has to grow their following and increase their engagement rate. With over 1 billion users and available in over 150 countries, TikTok has become one of the largest social media platforms in the world. In fact, the app has been downloaded over 210 million times in the United States alone, and users open the app eight times per day. Moreover, a study has indicated that American influencers on TikTok have a higher engagement rate than the global average, at 18% versus 16% internationally.

However, with the U.S. Department of Justice and FBI investigating allegations that TikTok has spied on U.S. journalists, there have been questions around the world about whether to ban the app altogether. This situation emphasizes the importance of influencers being mindful of putting all their eggs in one social media basket. For example, Instagram has started winding down creator payments for Reels, requiring smaller creators to pay to play on the platform. Creators and brands are also finding it harder and harder to drive organic reach. This shift follows a similar playbook from Facebook, which decreased the organic reach of brands 15 years ago making the Facebook platform “Pay-to-Play”

In another extreme example in August of 2021 Only Fans announced that they would ban all adult content creators, (*+90% of all content ***on OnlyFans is adult content) leaving these creators out in the rain, and then retracted the policy almost immediately.

These examples are more important for creators who rely on social platforms to drive sales of products or earning from brands endorsements. In light of this, influencers must consider commerce platforms like (BILI). BILI helps connect creators with brands to sell products online. BILI works across all social media platforms, including emerging platforms. This feature is crucial for influencers because they are able to own their store and not rely solely on social media platforms giving influencers more control over their content and business.

Another benefit of is that it provides creators with more opportunities to monetize their content. TikTok users spent $914.4m in the app during the third quarter of 2022, but this revenue is based on in-app purchases like virtual coins and subscriptions, and does not include advertising revenues. However, allows influencers to monetize their content across multiple channels, including e-commerce and social media, without being limited to a single platform. By diversifying their income streams, creators can mitigate the risk of relying solely on social media platforms, which may decrease in popularity, lose credibility or change the rules on you.

Influencers, don't risk losing everything on TikTok. Diversify your income streams and build a unique store of favorite products at Social media algorithms change and unforeseen events can impact your profitability. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Take advantage of opportunities available on multiple platforms.

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