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Don’t forget Pinterest

When it comes to growing your audience on social media, most are focused on TikTok and Instagram, but it is important to not forget about the opportunity on Pinterest.

Pinterest describes itself as a visual search engine that helps people discover the things that they’re passionate about online. When you consider that more than 400 million people visit Pinterest every month, and that Pinterest’s focus is on introducing new formats to help build the creator ecosystem, that’s a social platform we cannot ignore. Maybe that’s why it is rumoured last week that Google is looking to buy them!

Still not sure about Pinterest’s value? Below are some key statistics you should consider:

  • Pinterest boasts a user count of 454 million active users, and 60% of are female.

  • 97% of the top Pinterest searches are not branded, audiences are looking for inspiration.

  • 85% of Pinterest users use the mobile app.

  • Pinterest users now watch almost 1 billion videos on the platform every single day.

  • 91% of Pinterest users log in at least once a month.

  • 4 in 10 Pinterest users use the platform to research brands and products.

  • Pinterest users spend 2x more per month compared to users of other platforms.

  • 80% of weekly Pinterest users have discovered a new product or brand on the platform.

  • Users spend, on average, just over 14 minutes on Pinterest

How to build an audience and begin building your brand on Pinterest:

As with other social media networks and platforms, consistency and cohesion of content is key to building a connection with your audience and driving engagement.

  • Being an active user on Pinterest can help to build your own audience and ranking on the platform. This includes pinning on a regular basis, re-pinning content on “Explore” and “Trending” pages, and pin other people’s pins as well.

  • Keywords help users find what they are looking for on Pinterest, and therefore important to how they will find your content. Be thoughtful and intentional of the keywords you use in your titles, board descriptions and of course, your profile. To find relevant keywords, use the Pinterest search bar, start typing a word(s) relevant to your niche and consider using the suggested keywords on your own posts.

  • Pinterest recently introduced a feature called “sections” which allow you to organize your pins in categories that appeal to your audience, and more importantly, make it easier for them to find what they are looking for.

Finally, according to Pinterest Insights, trends take off on Pinterest, even more than they do on other platforms like Facebook and Instagram. On average, Pinterest trends increase by around 56% in six months, compared to 38% elsewhere. Trends also last 20% longer on Pinterest.

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