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A Message From BILI's CEO

Hey there. I'm Adrian, one of the co-founders of BILI. Congrats on being accepted into our beta program! You may already know this but creators will earn $16.2B this year. 


We built BILI to simplify the process of brands connecting with influencers and creators like you, so you can share and sell products you love. 


There’s a few things we really love about BILI:

1.  You can sell products on any social platform using BILI

2.  It’s performance based so there’s no cap on what you can earn

3.  There’s unique sharing features like the BILI Bounce


As part of our beta launch, you're on the ground floor and that has benefits. We want to hear from you throughout on how we can improve. We'll give you extra love like support, bonus commissions, exclusive promos for your fans and some gifts from select brands we're working with. 


Now it’s over to you to create your own personal store, then browse and add products. It only takes a few minutes. Once your store is created send us the link and we'll give you a thank you gift from one of our brands. 


Any questions, just let us know by email at 


That's it for now. More to come and thanks for joining BILI!


Adrian Capobianco


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